hair extensions cost in chandigarh

is one of the most demanded thing is western countries got its origin from India. Now also available in the Chandigarh City will help adjacent city clients also. cost in chandigarh is totally affordable now for the ones eager to get done this fantastic technology.

Clients from , and has now got easy acess to the done by keratin fusion technique.

Hair Extension demonstration

Hair Extensions are of different types:

  1. Clip -ons – Temporary
  2. Silicone nano ring – Permanent
  3. Keratin Fusion Extensions – Permanent

Hair Extensions cost in Chandigarh is diverse as not many brands are using the premium .

Keratin fusion hair extensions are the best among all the hair extensions available in the market.

  1. Permanent in nature
  2. Non irritable
  3. washable
  4. Easy to comb
  5. Can be colored
  6. Can be curled
  7. Can be smoothed
  8. Long service periods – less maintainace
  9. Original look
  10. Complete invisibility
hair extensions cost in chandigarh
hair extension cost in chandigarh

Hair extensions cost in chandigarh

  1. 60 strands up to 30 inch length : Rs. 20000
  2. 90 strands up to 30 inch length: Rs. 30000
  3. 120 strands up to 30 inch length: Rs. 40000

One strand  of hair extensions weighs 1gm.

Maximum Number of strands ons can have : up to 150.

Good Volume is expected : 75 to 100 strands.

Professional people are advised to go for larger volumes.

Hair Extensions
Strands of hair extensions

Hair extensions cost in chandigarh was earlier sought to be very out of pocket. But now as it comes in pocket of everyone now, go ahead and fulfil your dreams of getting hair extensions done.

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Special care tips are always neccessary for after care of hair extensions.

  1. Always Use pedal brush.
  2. Do not comb immideately after bathing.
  3. Do not push while combing.
  4. use only advised Shampoo.

Why wait now when you get can your desired volume of hair in no time.

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